INFORMATIK-Workshop „Big Data, Smart Data and Semantic Technologies“

Workshop at INFORMATIK 2016, Klagenfurt, Austria, September 30, 2016

Submission Deadline Extended

We are happy to announce that the submission deadline has been extended to May 22, 2016.

We are looking forward to your submissions.

Workshop Summary

As part of INFORMATIK 2016 the workshop “Big Data, Smart Data and Semantic Technologies” (BDSDST 2016) takes place on September 30, 2016 in Klagenfurt, Austria.   

Growing technical possibilities to gather and aggregate multi-modal data from sensors and different services allow for evidence-based information systems enabling both humans and machines to make well-informed decisions. These large and complex data sets, commonly characterized by high data volume, high variety of the data types and data sources, high velocity of the incoming data and the expected information output (real-time requirement) as well as the uncertainty about the veracity of the data, are known as Big Data.

These characteristics make it difficult to process the data using existing data management applications and traditional information technologies. On the other hand, when processed and analyzed properly, Big Data is transformed into “Smart” Data and might carry huge amounts of useful information, which was not accessible beforehand and allows for better-founded, more robust predictions and improved decision-making in almost any domain. That is why new predictive and prescriptive analytic approaches are continuously increasing in importance.  

The BDSDST 2016 workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners using Big and Smart Data and/or semantic technologies and support technology transfer from foundational research into practice.