INFORMATIK-Workshop „Big Data, Smart Data and Semantic Technologies“

Workshop at INFORMATIK 2015, Cottbus, September 29, 2015

Workshop Registration

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The workshop program is online

The program for the workshop is now online.

Workshop Date Announced

The date for the workshop has been announced. The workshop takes place on September 29, 2015.

Submission Deadline Extended

We are happy to announce that the submission deadline has been extended to May 3, 2014.

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Workshop Summary

As part of the INFORMATIK 2015 the workshop “Big Data, Smart Data and Semantic Technologies” (BDSDST 2015) takes place on September 28 - October 02, 2015 in Cottbus.

The focus of BDSDST 2015 will be on the potential of Big Data, Smart Data and semantic technologies in different application areas.

Growing technical possibilities to gather and aggregate multi-modal data from sensors, mobile devices, social media, log files, cameras, microphones etc. provide useful information about the state and the environment of the data sources, but also result in large and complex data sets, which today are known as Big Data. When processed properly by right predictive and prescriptive analytic approaches, Big Data might carry huge amounts of useful information, which was not accessible before and allow for better-founded, more robust predictions and better decision-making. Combined with semantic technologies, which enable machines and people likewise to understand and share data and facilitate the interrelation and integration of data, content and processes in meaningful ways, the maximum potential of the gathered data can be exploited.

Using Big/Smart Data as well as methods and tools based on semantic technologies can provide more transparency, enable precise and well-founded decisions and improve planning processes, particularly with regard to environmental and energy aspects, which will result in more sustainable and efficient processes and systems, especially in areas such as logistics, mobility and the Smart Grid.

That’s why the workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners who use Big Data, Smart Data and/or semantic technologies.