Applications of Semantic Technologies Workshop - AST 2014

Semantic Technologies encode meanings explicitly and independent from concrete formats and application logic. This enables machines and people likewise to understand, share, and reason over semantically represented data during retrieval and processing time. In the light of the W3C’s vision of a Web of linked data, Semantic Technologies are substantial constituents for the creation of data stores, the building of vocabularies for various domains, and the specification of rules for handling data.

Applications of Semantic Technologies are currently being investigated in various fields, including Ambient Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cognitive Systems, Corporate Intranets, Knowledge Management, Bioinformatics and many more. In recent years, the amount of data published on the Semantic Web as so-called Linked Data has exploded. We believe that the methods and tools provided by Semantic Technologies will play a crucial role in these and other application areas for the foreseeable future, in particular related to Big and Smart Data. A special emphasis will therefore be given to works that describe key issues and practices related to a synthesis of semantic technologies and Big and Smart Data.

The AST 2014 workshop will provide an open and stimulating environment that brings together researchers, practitioners and users from various fields to discuss goals, limitations and real experiences related to the application and deployment of semantic technologies. In this iteration the paper presentation slots will be complemented by a demonstration slot and, depending on the number of submissions and their concrete application areas, we also plan to reserve time for OpenSpace sessions.

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22. September 2014 - 22. September 2014
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