Robotic Live Demonstration @ ECMR

Robotic live demonstration in the FZI Living Lab Service Robotics in the context of the 'European Conference on Mobile Robotics (ECMR)' hosted by the university Bonn. During these 2,5 hours we present multiple robotic applications like mobile plattforms, four and six legged robots or human robot collaboration.

In this virtual live event we present multiple robotic applications for the audience of the 'European Conference on Mobile Robotics (ECMR)'.

As the focus of the conferece is on mobile robotics we show multiple robots of different types of motion like wheeled and legged robots.

The all-terrain 4-wheeled platform HUSKY and the four-legged walking robot ANYmal will be used in the live demonstration. In this scenario, various AI methods will be used to enable the quick and easy recognition of objects. Moreover, with the help of an assisted force-based grasping strategy, the recognized objects can be picked up and brought to a desired target point.

Demonstration highlights:

  • VDB mapping of an unknown environment (SLAM).
  • Autonomous navigation in the automatically generated 3D environment map
  • AI-based object recognition and localization using Few-Shot-Learning
  • Assisted approach of autonomously localized objects
  • Force-based assisted grasping for safe grasping of unknown objects

Furthermore, we present other use-cases like the human robot collaboration in an industrial scenario.

The human worker moves within the robot's workspace to place the workpieces and apply screws, while the collaborative robot is responsible for tightening the pre-assembled screws with a torque-monitored screwdriver. The screw assembly application used and presented in this process includes an external 3D collision avoidance system that can react early as it monitors the workspace with four 3D cameras. The approach chosen here is also of great relevance for human-robot collaboration in industrial applications beyond this specific use case: this is because new concepts are being developed as part of the project in order to be able to guarantee functional safety through the use of open-source frameworks such as ROS.

Throughout the live demonstration, robotics experts will be available to answer interested questions and look forward to interacting with participants!

This event is only for participants of the ECMR conference. If you like to participate, please get in contact with the organizers of the conference. More details can be found here: https://ecmr2021.org


Termin Details

01. September 2021 - 01. September 2021, 16:00 - 18:30 Uhr
Arne Rönnau
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