Virtual and Augmented Reality for Robot Programming


Themen-Schwerpunkt: Automation und Robotik, Maschinelles Lernen, Service-Robotik und mobile Manipulation, Software-Entwicklung
Studiengänge: Elektrotechnik, Informatik


Robotic systems are complex and require usually experienced workers to program them. For this reason the current research aims to make them easier to plan, program and test. Virtual and Augmented reality tools allow the user to interact with virtual objects and they can be used to program and test the robot motion using a virtual model of it. Once the desired robot path is defined in the virtual scenario, it can also be evaluated in order to be then executed on the real robot.


We are working to make an easier and more intuitive way to program robots with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools. Your task is to work on an immersive virtual environment in which it is possible to safely define the robot motion that can be then reproduced on the real hardware.

Wir bieten

  • Hardware and robot systems
  • Pleasant working atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of Campus South
  • Student-friendly and flexible working hours
  • An exciting, interdisciplinary working environment
  • Opportunities to participate in research projects and publications

Wir erwarten

  •  Good C++ programming skills.
  •   Previous knowledge in the field of robotics. 
  •   Independent thinking and working                                                              
  •    Good knowledge of English
  •    Motivation and commitment


  •   Informal application by email
  •   Description of previous programming experience

Weitere Informationen

  • Start: from now on
  • Contract: flexible, till 40 hours per month