Structured Literature Review: Data Markets

Studentische Abschlussarbeit

Themen-Schwerpunkt: Big Data and Service Science
Studiengänge: Verwandte Studiengänge, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen


Data is a valuable asset, that fuels our economy. Recent Figures show that the Data Economy contributes approximately 2,6%  to the GDP of the EU28 in 2018 and has an high-above average growth rate of round about 12% [1]. Nonetheless, Data is a commodity in its infancy and markets for data are still immature. Approaches to monetize data will facilitate the exchange of data between companies and thus increase the value of data [2].


Although a young topic, there already exist a lot of scientific papers about data markets. From theoretical thoughts about the nature of data as a product some properties of data markets can be deduced, e.g., [3, 4]. In this thesis, a structured literature review [5] on data markets should be conducted. The primary goal of the thesis is to identify and rank common theses about how data markets work.

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