Market and Feedback Mechanisms for Smart Grids


The studies in the field Market and Feedback Mechanisms for Smart Grids focus on economic mechanisms for the decentralised coordination of energy supply and demand in local and regional energy systems.

The goal is to establish resource efficiency and to take into account the agents’ preferences despite the high fluctuation in the deployment of renewable energies as well as in the grid load that is caused especially by the increasingly emerging topic of electric mobility. For this purpose, regulatory requirements or the need for their expansion are taken into consideration just as much as the security of supply (e.g. prevention of grid bottlenecks and better workloads of available capacities), and of the economic efficiency of the used components.

Currently, the most researched topic in this research field is how to efficiently and incentive-compatibly realise the coordination mechanisms for the charging of electric vehicles. The academic works at the FZI on this topic are intended to utilise labour market flexibility of electric vehicles for the grid support and the integration of renewable energies. The methods used to achieve these goals are for example economic modelling and simulation, empirical observations within practical applications as well as statistical analyses.