Mobile and Multi-Platform Development

Mobile & Multi-Platform Development

In this research focus we concentrate on solutions for the design, operation and maintenance of cross-platform systems. In these solutions, mobile devices are often integrated allowing new usage scenarios, for example by using environment information in business processes.

Mobile access to information, services and applications has led to great improvements in comfort, but influences operational processes. In order to integrate one's software into such a mobile market requires the consideration of different end-user devices and server applications. Mastering this complexity requires clean architectures and detailed technical knowledge of implementation to guarantee a system that is maintainable in the long run.

At the FZI, we look at classic operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and Mac OS, as well as operating systems for mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Each platform brings its own demands, operating concepts, development philosophies, and tools with it that need to be addressed in a successful implementation process.

The research division Software Engineering has gained extensive knowledge about mobile information and communication technology and about their efficient use during the life cycle of systems as well as about rating their operational value.

Our competency in terms of solutions ranges from an operational to a technical level. Our experience in implementing the latest technologies, decoupling operational from technical aspects, and using model-driven development techniques (MDSD) and domain-specific languages (DSL) enables us to find solutions in short time and under pressure of cost while always considering quality issues.

Our offer

  • Identifying possible applications of mobile IT and "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)
  • Mobilisation of business processes
  • Designing and implementing prototypes of mobile and cross-platform applications
  • Quality-oriented expansion of systems and employment of quality control strategies during the development process
  • Evaluating the use of generative techniques (MDSD)
  • Evaluating alternative implementations for mobile applications (native, web-based, framework-based)
  • Concepts for data storage and synchronisation of mobile and server data, especially in offline scenarios

Contact person

Dipl.-Inform. Jörg Henß




Meine Interessen liegen im Bereich Interoperabilität von Simulationen, modellgetriebener Softwareentwicklung (MDSD) und moderner Software-Entwicklung im Umfeld von betrieblichen und mobilen Anwendungssystemen.

Nach Abschluss meines Studium der Informatik (2008) war ich als akademischer Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Software-Entwurf und -Qualität tätig. Seit März 2015 bin ich Mitarbeiter am FZI. 


Meine persönliche Publikationsliste wird vom Lehrstuhl für Software-Entwuf und -Qualität am KIT zur Verfügung gestellt.


Telefon: +49 721 9654-630