New risk concepts for supply chain design models

Iris Heckmann, Francisco Saldanha da Gama, Stefan Nickel
International Symposium On Locational Decision (ISOLDE)
Risk considerations have been applied to approaches in a broad variety of research fields and methodologies. There has been an increased interest in including risk aspects in OR models in the last years. Most of these approaches, however, consider risk as a static concept and do not address the dynamic nature and potential aggravation of risk. Existing approaches focus on locally assessed risk probabilities and impacts or even reduce risk to the product of disruption probability and its consequences. In this talk we introduce new risk concepts that consider risk as a dynamic concept, whose impact may aggravate over time and propagate through the network. We present mathematical programming models of these risk concepts for different supply chain design models. One- and multi-period facility location models as well as preliminary computational results are presented. Moreover, logistical insights are offered along with future work.
Logistik und Supply-Chain-Optimierung
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