Control based driving assisant functions' test using recorded in field data

Johannes Bach, Kai-Lukas Bauer, Marc Holzäpfel, Martin Hillenbrand, Eric Sax
7. Tagung Fahrerassistenz
For verification of Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) versatile types and levels of laboratory, as well as vehicular tests are applied. This paper presents a methodology for reutilization of recorded test data during virtual verification of control based ADAS. By changing the recorded data’s domain, coherent and reactive stimulus of the System Under Test (SUT) is enabled. To do so, identification of causal dependencies between various input data streams is required. The basic feedback loop of the control system is closed by means of a conventional plant model and all additional input data is derived from conditioned data records. Therefore, introducing reproducibility to real world Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) test, omitting time demanding scenario parametrization and ensuring realistic scenarios. Our concept is explained and demonstrated using recorded data during development of a Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) system.
Virtual Prototyping und Life Cycle Management, Sichere und intelligente Fahrzeuge
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