Analyzation and Evaluation of Vehicle and Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving on Public Transportation Depots

Andreas Lauber, Thomas Glock, Eric Sax, Markus Wiedemann
International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium, Kaiserslautern
After returning from the operation, buses are prepared for their next service at the depots of local transportation. The activities done at the depot includes smaller maintenance, inspection activities, and especially refueling and washing and interior cleaning of the vehicles. For the aforementioned activities, the buses are driven by a driver to the various stations at which the individual services are carried out. In addition to the staff employed at the stations drivers are required, which leaves the vehicle after completion of routine work on the overnight parking lots. Within this paper we present a study, which allows an autonomous driving on public transportation depots. The study address measures on the vehicles, the infrastructure of the depots, the safety of persons and vehicles and the legal situation in Germany. The proposed measures were chosen such that a variety of existing depots can be retrofitted for autonomous driving and also requirements and optimizations for future depots can be derived. Furthermore, attention was paid to generalize the proposed measures to facilitate later use outside the depot. Finally, this paper identifies economic impact of the system to the public transportation depot through the implementation of the proposed study. These are analyzations of expected savings that result from autonomous driving inside the depot.
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