Refinements and Structural Decompositions in Generated Code

Hinkel, Georg and Busch, Kiana and Heinrich, Robert
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development
Todays systems are often represented by abstract domain models to cope with an increased complexity. To both ensure suitable analyses and validity checks, it is desirable to model the system in multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously. Doing so, it is often desirable to model that one association is a refinement of another to avoid duplication of concepts. Existing approaches that support refinements request metamodelers to use new modeling paradigms or have less efficient model representations than commonly-used technologies such as EMF with Ecore. In this paper, we propose a non-invasive extension to support refinements and structural decompositions in Ecore-like meta-metamodels, show how these extension can be supported by code generation and show that the fulfillment of refinements can be guaranteed by the underlying type system.
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