Strategic Training Planning for a Globally Dispersed Workforce

Felix Brandt and Stefan Nickel and Brita Rohrbeck and Mirko Wichmann
In this paper we introduce the Strategic Training Planning (STP) problem, which can be found in most large organisations operating at multiple locations. We consider a set of employees residing at different locations who have to attend on-site trainings. The problem is to determine an optimal set of training locations and to assign each employee to one of the training locations. Further practically relevant restrictions like capacities, languages spoken as well as cultural and legal issues have to be considered. The objective is to find a cost-optimal plan with respect to set-up, travel and opportunity costs. The STP turns out to be a variant of the warehouse location problem. We present the full problem description and an integer programming formulation of the problem. Furthermore, we demonstrate the relevance of the problem and the impact of STP solutions by a real-world case study. When compared to the found optimal training setup, straightforward solutions that are chosen by manual planners result in 60 to 80 percent higher cost. Accordingly, our results show that there are significant savings achievable by employing the STP, both in planning effort and cost reduction.
Logistik und Supply-Chain-Optimierung
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