Demo abstract: a building energy management system in the context of the smart grid traffic light concept

Förderer, Kevin and Schmeck, Hartmut
Computer Science - Research and Development
The BDEW smart grid traffic light concept is a framework to tackle some of the challenges posed by the transition of the energy system. In the project grid-control a system based on this concept has been implemented. This paper gives an overview of the system and outlines the building energy management system (BEMS) that will be installed and tested in a district battery storage system and five households as a part of this system. The BEMS utilizes a generic interface for exchanging and scheduling flexibility. The interface is based on an ideal battery model with time dependent constraints for power and energy. Daily, a schedule forecast for the following day is created by maximizing self-consumption utilizing consumption and production forecasts and locally available flexibility. An aggregated flexibility is then derived from this schedule forecast. The aggregated flexibility combined with the schedule forecast serve as basis for the actual schedule that is issued to the BEMS. Goal of the BEMS is schedule compliance while permitted by the traffic light phase.
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