Towards Context-Aware and Dynamic Management of Stream Processing Pipelines for Fog Computing

P. Wiener and P. Zehnder and D. Riemer
2019 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Fog and Edge Computing (ICFEC)
Newly arising IoT-driven use cases often require low-latency anaiytics to derive time-sensitive actions, where a centralized cloud approach is not applicable. An emerging computing paradigm, referred to as fog computing, shifts the focus away from the central cloud by offloading specific computational parts of analytical stream processing pipelines (SPP) towards the edge of the network, thus leveraging existing resources close to where data is generated. However, in scenarios of mobile edge nodes, the inherent context changes need to be incorporated in the underlying fog cluster management, thus accounting for the dynamics by relocating certain processing elements of these SPP. This paper presents our initial work on a conceptual architecture for context-aware and dynamic management of SPP in the fog. We provide preliminary results, showing the general feasibility of relocating processing elements according to changes in the geolocation.
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