Model-Driven Design of Tools for Multi-Domain Systems with Loosely Coupled Metamodels

Bo Liu, Victor Pazmino Betancourt, Thomas Glock, Matthias Kern, Eric Sax, Jürgen Becker
The 13th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON2019)
The 13th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON)
Orlando, Florida USA
The 13th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON)
The influence of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected service-oriented systems in various application domains is increasing. Such multi-domain systems can work in collaboration to provide new functionalities. System development of different domains requires different specific tools that often lack common exchange interfaces. Common exchange interfaces between technical domains are necessary for a holistic architectural design that enables system-wide analysis, e.g. cyber-security. We propose a multi-domain metamodeling framework to create, extend and reuse metamodels of different technical domains in order to generate modeling tools for specific applications. The generated modeling tool enables analysis through all integrated domains. With loosely coupled metamodels, we are able to improve the reusability of the metamodels and manage the explicit connections using the weaving-model. This work also presents three use cases of application specific tools that can be built using the proposed framework: security analysis for industry 4.0 systems, multicore based safety systems and secure development of autonomous driving functions. The framework and a graphical editor to manage metamodel connections are implemented and used to generate modeling tools for the first two use cases. Our results show that a multi-domain system can be described precisely and analyzed across different domains with the specific generated tool.
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