The Research Division IST – Innovation, Strategy and Transfer

The research division Innovation, Strategy and Transfer (IST) bundles various strategic initiatives and coordinates the activities of the FZI in interdisciplinary projects and involvements in order to make technical and social trends useful for its partners and society:

With a technology-focused trend analysis, IST identifies those topics which, from the FZI's point of view, will become relevant in the coming years. If it is a new topic, measures are developed together with the other research divisions in order to build up competences at the FZI as efficiently as possible. For those topics for which competences and projects already exist, the results are made available to decision-makers in business and politics within the framework of a structured technology and knowledge transfer.

Important strategic anchors are the FZI branch office in Berlin, the Competence Center for IT Security and the FZI House of Living Labs.

Division Managers