AI2Ynet Workshop: Technology Transfer Requirements

Our technology partner EXXETA AG invites you to the workshop. The topic in focus: Technology transfer requirements.

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Aims of the workshop:

In order to specify the requirements of SMEs on this AI marketplace, we want to identify, categorise and describe AI components/artefacts that have to be transferred, together with you. The central question is: "What would help SMEs in Germany today and in the future, in order to implement AI technologies into concrete projects."Based on this, we want to elaborate how the AI2Ynet platform can support in responding to this problem, which requirements SMEs have on the mentioned artefacts on the platform, according to which criteria these should be evaluated and selected as well as under which conditions SMEs can imagine to share their AI knowledge, in order to benefit from the knowledge/technology of other platform participants and potentially enter cooperations in return.

Added value for workshop participants:

The participants have the opportunity to actively shape the thematic orientation of the platform, to introduce their requests and framework conditions and to take a stand concerning the project consortium still to be extended. Through the active exchange, you can benefit from experiences of AI projects of the other participants, receive new ideas through impetus and presentations of best practices and can network across all industries with experts on the topic of AI. We would be pleased if you introduced own experiences from AI projects (also in a short keynote speech) and reported about your aims, needs and problems with AI projects.

Application & registration:

Please register by sending an email to Jakob Schofer at jakob.schofer@dont-want-spam.exxeta.com indicating your company/position, if you are interested in participating in a workshop.

Subsequently, you will receive an official confirmation of participation. The number of participants is limited. Catering will of course be provided during the entire workshop. If you have questions and suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time (0162/2950965).

Event details

11. July 2019 - 11. July 2019, 10:00 - 17:00
Event location
Stockholmer Platz 1
70173 Stuttgart
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