The Night of the Living Labs

Scary IT security and effective methods for ghost busters: Under this motto the FZI invites into the FZI House of Living Labs on October 14, 2019.

Be careful!
We turn the day into the night of horror and show you how IT security deficiencies actually arise in the professional and also in the private environment. Does a cold shiver run down your spine, when you think of IT security?

Besides project results of the project DEAL, in which IT security deficiencies are examined in readily available products, experts will give lectures on various aspects of IT security. Suitable to the horror scenarios, they also consider psychological aspects, legal frameworks and further IT security basics.

A chamber of horrors to touch!
In order to prevent everyday items from becoming monsters, researchers of the FZI and guest lecturers will show effective methods, report on research results and raise awareness for a really secure IT landscape.

Many IT products turn out to be insecure after their launch.  Prominent examples are the children's toy Furby, which can be remotely controlled by any person due to the lacking access restriction, the Wi-Fi-enabled Barbie, which records conversations in the children's room, ALDI webcams, which disclose your passwords, the control software via whose insecure update mechanism the WannaCry virus was initially transmitted and ConnectedDrive by BMW, enabling any vehicle to be opened without a key.

Scary IT security?
Are you sure that your IT security is really secure or do you already hear the IT zombies rattling their chains from the grave of horror? Did you know that IT security deficiencies arise due to serious conceptional mistakes during the system design in particular?

The security vulnerabilities in these examples do not arise due to implementation errors during the development of the software or through the exploitation of complicated and previously unknown security vulnerabilities. They rather arise due to serious conceptional mistakes during the system design and during the insufficient implementation of IT security standard practices. In order to avoid such vulnerabilities, methods, procedures and best practices, which have been known for a long time in research, have to find their way into practice.

Ghost busters of the future:
In the framework of the project DEAL the researchers at the Competence Center for IT Security have examined products from various application fields on security deficiencies and worked out recommendations, on how to avoid such mistakes in the future. In the framework of the "Night of the Living Labs" we present these project results and gladly invite to the FZI House of Living Labs on October 14, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

We look forward to our ghost busters!
Four guest lecturers, who are contributing their individual perspectives and experiences each with an exciting lecture and thus enable us to a possibly differentiated view on the situation of the IT security landscape:

  • Dirk Fox, Secorvo Security Consulting GmbH
    "Psychologie der IT-Sicherheit" (the psychology of IT security)
  • Werner Schober, SEC Consult Deutschland Unternehmensberatung GmbH
    "The Internet Of Dongs"
  • Matthias Deeg, SySS GmbH
    "New Tales of Wireless Input Devices"
  • Manuela Wagner, FZI Research Center for Information Technology
    "Rechtliche Herausforderungen bei der IT-Sicherheitsforschung" (legal challenges concerning the IT security research)

Networking with ghost busters in the catacombs of the FZI's dungeon
The Night of Living Labs ends with networking opportunities and a buffet. You are cordially invited to round off the witching hour with a Bloody Mary and to exchange ideas with further participants as well as researchers and experts about the security issues of the future.

We are looking forward to meeting you and we'll let the chains rattle...

Please note that for organisational reasons, a registration is necessary.
The event is free of charge!

The project "DEAL: Demonstration, Erklärung, Anleitung und Lehre zu Prinzipien der IT-Sicherheit" (demonstration, explanation, direction and instruction on the principles of IT security) is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing.

Event details

14. October 2019 - 14. October 2019, 14:00 - 21:00
Event location
FZI House of Living Labs
Haid-und-Neu-Straße 5a
76131 Karlsruhe
Contact person
Jochen Rill
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