Cocktail Robot at this year’s Stallwächter-Party

At the 52nd Stallwächter-Party in Berlin, an annual event for the Baden-Württemberg State Representation, the FZI robot HoLLiE catered for delicious cocktails. The 5.3 feet tall FZI robot did not only impress the guests but was also posing for countless cameras.

At the 52nd Stallwächter-Party, HoLLiE showed the SWR her bartender skills.
At the 52nd Stallwächter-Party, HoLLiE showed the SWR her bartender skills.

Under the official hashtag #stallwaechter15 the guests were tweeting about the event according to the motto “GlobalDigital“. For instance, two guests thanked HoLLiE for their “very first robot cocktail” or showed themselves enthusiastic about the robot’s drinks on Twitter.

The regional broadcasting service SWR presented HoLLiE in action in a TV report on the event in Landesschau aktuell, a German news programme. Additionally, a short video can be viewed on Instagram at https://instagram.com/p/47pmx5D9Mo/.

Furthermore, a photo gallery on HoLLiEs Bar can be viewed on the homepage of the FZI. Another gallery on the Stallwächter-Party can be viewed on Facebook for example.

There is only one thing left to say: We really enjoyed the great event and HoLLiE – who actually performs assistance tasks in everyday life whenever she is not mixing cocktails in the evening – returned safe and sound to her home town Karlsruhe in Germany.

Our very special thanks are due to the state of Baden-Württemberg and its State Representation in Berlin, the organisers, guests, and colleagues and in particular to Gregor Scholl (Rum Trader) and Phum Sila-Trakoon (Le Croco Bleu) for this very special night.