DevCamp Karlsruhe Provides a Platform for Direct Knowledge Exchange Between Young IT Researchers

Developers prefer to be in peace and quiet and avoid company? The evidence that this cliché is worn-out is provided at "DevCamp – die Informatiktage" at the FZI House of Living Labs Karlsruhe.

Image source: FZI Research Center for Information Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the central topics of information technology. Not least, applications suitable for everyday life, like language assistants, translation services or image recognition software are drivers of economic and social development today. At the same time, AI technologies raise fears, such as job losses, loss of control as well as external control. With the #KI50-DevCamps (KI = German abbreviation for artificial intelligence), the German Informatics Society wants to take a look behind the scenes of AI applications in 2019, the 50th year of its existence, and help to demystify the topic of AI.

On May 24, DevCamp Karlsruhe will take place at the premises of the FZI House of Living Labs. The BarCamp for computer scientist addresses young software developers, managers and architects, who are directly involved into the events on site. In this format, participants can give lectures or organise workshops or simple panel discussions themselves. In addition to this "sessions", the German Informatics Society also curates "deep dive workshops".