First Edition of the Political Breakfast Started with the Topic of "Digital Identities"

At the first political breakfast of the FZI "F5 – Refresh Your Knowledge", it was shown that knowledge can also be imparted very well during a breakfast. The researcher of the FZI, Dr. Jan Sürmeli presented the concept of self-sovereign identity and discussed together with participants, how freely we currently can handle our own data and which alternatives exist.

The political breakfast event series "F5 – Refresh Your Knowledge" was launched on October 30, 2019, at the FZI branch office in Berlin. Designed as a networking format, F5 – Refresh your Knowledge understands itself as a dialogue platform from which all participants shall benefit on site: With its expertise, the FZI wants to provide political, civil society and scientific actors with fundamental background information and knowledge on current research topics. In a relaxed, familiar breakfast atmosphere, the focus shall thereby be set on discussions, the clarification of questions and the exchange of experiences.

Among the guests of the first edition were representatives from federal ministries, associations, research institutions and business companies. Luise Kranich, manager of the FZI branch office Berlin, welcomed the attendees and gave a brief introduction into the work of the FZI. The topic of the political breakfast's first edition was a keynote speech by the FZI's researcher Dr. Jan Sürmeli entitled "Digital identities: Who owns the digital self?". In his lecture, Dr. Jan Sürmeli explained the concept of self-sovereign identity – a concept that gives full control but also responsibility to the person of its digital self and shall maintain trust, privacy and data economy at the same time. According to the researcher of the FZI, reliable intermediaries shall not be replaced, but rather decoupled from transactions, in order to enable the decentralisation of identity management.

In the end, Sürmeli answered questions from the audience that was very interested in the topic.

The next edition of the political breakfast will take place in early 2020. The topic will be: Legal frameworks of the IT security research.