Health Economics: Around Four Million Euros for Customised Cancer Therapies

Immense progress in biosciences – such as the individual sequencing of the human genome and the associated determination of individual biomarkers – are increasingly raising hope that widespread diseases such as cancer can be defeated in the medium to long term. Against this background, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is funding a new joint research project of personalised medicine with 3,97 million euros, as the Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut announced on Tuesday (4 September).

“Every human is unique and every disease is different and has therefore to be treated individually. We want to use this funding to consistently exploit the opportunities offered by personalised medicine and improve the efficiency and implementation of innovative concepts for customised cancer therapies," emphasised Hoffmeister-Kraut.

In the project PRIMO, three application-oriented research institutes of the Innovationsallianz Baden-Wurttemberg are, through the consortium leadership of the Hahn-Schickard-Institute for Micro Analysis Systems in Freiburg and the cooperation of the Natural and Medical Sciences Insitute at the University of Tübingen (NMI) in Reutlingen and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe, collaborating interdisciplinaryly and closely in order to ensure the success of this highly complex project, stated the Minister.

In the project PRIMO, innovative technologies and structures will be developed using the example of various oncological diseases, which form the basis of an improved personalised patient treatment. The focus is on new approaches to improve the digital infrastructure of the software-based automation of manual processes and the optimal BigData Management in order to derive an integrative and dynamic treatment concept.

This project of business-oriented research is excellently suitable to strengthen the knowledge base of personalised cancer therapies and at the same time forward the middle class of the well-positioned health care industry in Baden Wurttemberg. Moreover, it is an important component in the framework of the digitalisation strategy of the State of Baden- Wurttemberg. Hoffmeister-Kraut: “Health economics offers as a potential leading sector of the 21st century, great opportunities for the economic future of Baden-Wurttemberg. We therefore have to fully exploit the growth potential provided by health economics, for example by strengthening personalised medicine. PRIMO is an excellent example of this".

The state-wide digitalisation strategy

Digitalisation is a central working focus of the State Government: Around one million euros are being invested into digitalisation during this legislative period. About half of it is invested into the development of the digital infrastructure. For the first time, all projects are being coordinated and bundled also under the auspices of the Ministry of Digitalisation. With “digital@bw” the first state-wide and interdepartmental digitalisation strategy was presented in summer 2017. In the next two years, around 70 concrete projects with a volume of 265 million euros will be implemented in order to consolidate Baden-Wurttemberg as the leading region of digital transformation in Europe.

“digital@bw” focuses on intelligent mobility of the future, digital start-ups, business 4.0, education and further education in times of digitalisation, digital health care applications as well as digital municipalities of the future and management 4.0. In addition to that, there are the cross-sectional areas of research, development and innovation, sustainability and energy transition, data security, data protection and consumer protection.

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