Karlsruhe Is Digital Municipality of the Future

The federal state awards the municipal concept for the so-called "Bürgerportal", a homepage that makes all services individually accessible

Karlsruhe, May 3, 2018 – An innovative homepage for all digital services of the city, which is individually designable and works via a user account by a one-time registration: The City of Karlsruhe will be developing this personalised mobile service as a multifunctional app with various partners over the next three years. The city was awarded for the concept "digital@KA" on May 3 at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Interior – as "Digitale Zukunftskommune@bw", a digital municipality of the future.

The state competition of the same name awarded five pilot municipalities and their model projects including Karlsruhe as beacons, as well as further 50 municipalities, whose strategic development thus receives support. A recognition combined with a state funding of over seven million euros (initially EUR 880,000 for Karlsruhe). Fairly earned, Thomas Strobl, Minister of the Interior praised the "model municipalities that we want to make an export hit for Baden-Württemberg". The major goal is to make the state a digitally leading region and "digital@bw" is the strategy for this across all ministries. These should lead to concrete projects and nationwide, fast Internet. "Digitalisation begins in the mind", Strobl emphasised at the same time. "Municipalities can be translators and bridge builders" for the necessary climate.

Convincing with cooperation and quality

Dr. Frank Mentrup, Lord Mayor of Berlin, once again sees that the pioneer role of Karlsruhe, the so-called "Fächer-" and "IT-Stadt", has impressively been proven by the creation of a single interface between the citizenship and the city: "The strength of our proposal lies in the exceptionally high and pursuing extent of cooperation: from civic and cultural institutions to retail and much more, for citizens and all participants. I thank the state and its jury for this decision and I am sure that the quality of our project was convincing and that we can ultimately implement it in this way", he expressed his joy and thanked the partners of the initiative. About 200 organisations, companies, institutes and networks have signed a letter of intent: a memorandum to support and shape the project, which is coordinated by the city. These include actors that provide either technical or content-related support. The following are involved as Karlsruhe project partners: the hightech business network CyberForum, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the software companies CAS and ISB, the platform WeLocalWorld and the online marketing company Yellow Map. In addition to these, there are associate partners including the Karlsruhe Transport Authority, the Stadtwerke as well as the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Those who register with digital@KA – working title and slogan of the platform – should be able to deal with the authorities online, have access to KA-WLAN, a comprehensive calendar of events, time schedules with the opportunity of buying tickets (also for municipal and cultural institutions), access to car sharing and much more with no more effort than registering once. Opening hours and contacts are just as clearly arranged as other service elements, such as GPS control or menus. Another important aspect is the thus provided greater citizen participation that is practicable from home or on the way. Those responsible hope that especially younger people will make more intensive use of this.

Highest standards of protection, at the same time marketing incentive

With Service-BW, the state is working on a portal that should allow the authorities to digitally access the government at all levels. That means - as long as it is applicable according to federal or state law - without having to appear in person. The City of Karlsruhe under the lead of the office for information technology and digitalisation in Karlsruhe (Amt für Informationstechnik und Digitalisierung) and its partners took up this approach and expanded it. "The personal address of the users and the immense variety of services that opens up to them on only one way is something special, something new", stated Lord Mayor Mentrup. The municipal data platform, which is supported by municipal bodies, but also by companies, institutes and the citizenship itself, offers highest security and data protection standards. At the same time, targeted marketing is an incentive for other providers.

The funding provided by the state is flanked to the total volume for employees, software and other costs by around another million euros. The city will be responsible for the project management and the marketing, and Karlsruhe will benefit in many ways, just like its residents and visitors. With a customisable answer to the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation that is easy to use and multifunctional.

Further information at: https://www.digital-bw.de/ https://www.digital-bw.de/

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