Kick-off of the Project AI-Transfer BW at the Ministry of Economic Affairs

On 17.02.2020, the project "AI-Transfer BW" was launched at the premises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Stuttgart. The aim of the project "AI-Transfer BW" is to support the regional AI labs in making artificial intelligence available to small and medium-sized companies in Baden-Württemberg in particular.

Kristine Schütterle (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg), Dr. Frauke Goll, Alexander Dregger (both from the FZI), Gennadi Schermann (CyberForum e.V.), Jasmin Link, Daniel Ziegler (both from the Fraunhofer IAT) und Niclas Renner (Fraunhofer IAO).

Representatives of the 19 regional AI labs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the DIZ | Digital Innovation Center (DIZ), the Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management at the University of Stuttgart (IAT) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), participated in the kick-off event.

Productive start

The event was introduced by the Head of the Unit “Industrial and Technology Policy, Digitization” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dr. Peter Mendler, who not only explained the background and motivations behind the project, but also placed it within the overall strategy of the Ministry. Thereafter, the 19 AI labs, which are distributed all over Baden-Württemberg and cover a broad spectrum of topics, presented themselves: From production (predictive maintenance) to the energy industry (optimisation of wind turbines), AI-based data analyses (marketing, CRM) and up to digital assistants in the office. The contact information of the labs can be found on the Ministry of Economic Affairs' website.

Subsequently, Dr. Frauke Goll (FZI), Gennadi Schermann (CyberForum) and Niclas Renner (IAO) presented the various services that shall support the work of the AI labs within the framework of the project "AI-Transfer BW", in order for them to enter more easily into an exchange with local companies in their vicinity, for example. This included training measures, the AI showcase, use cases and practical pilots.

Interactive exchange with the labs

In the second part, the event got interactive: Based on a World Café, all labs had the opportunity to present their AI topics in their respective regions, to introduce possible use cases and practical pilots and to evaluate the support offers. This exchange was fruitful and gave important impulses for the next steps in the project.

The project is supervised by the DIZ, a joint initiative of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and the CyberForum e.V., together with the IAO and IAT. The project "AI-Transfer BW" is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing in the framework of the initiative "Wirtschaft 4.0" (economy 4.0) and the digitalisation strategy "digital@bw".