OpenLabDay – Safe and Secure Production (Afternoon)

For all questions, ideas and more around the topic of "Modern, safe and secure production facilities", the upcoming OpenLabDay provides the ideal platform on November 14, 2019 at the FZI in Karlsruhe. Researchers of the projects CyberProtect and RoboShield, who deal with different aspects of safety and security in production, will provide an insight into current research results and innovative technologies like HRC and AI during this event. In form of keynote speeches, expert lectures, robotic demonstrators, testbeds and the direct exchange with present researchers, there will be the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of various aspects of security (safety, security and privacy) and to discuss possible questions or ideas. Furthermore, there will be concrete offers for companies as well as opportunities to participate in projects.


  • Lectures on new methods and technologies for more safety and security in complex production environments
  • Visiting the demonstrators and testbeds for security, safety and privacy
  • Opportunity to participate in the QuickChecks as well as exchange with researchers on-site

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Vulnerability of insufficiently safeguarded communication

The demonstrator presents the scenario "AI-based recognition and classification of screws by means of a deep neural network." Exemplary, best practices for the use of the open source frameworks ROS2 are presented in this. Moreover, the demonstrator shows the issues of a lacking safeguarding in a network on the concrete example of a man-in-the-middle attack with direct effect on the classification. Through the use of previously integrated protective mechanisms, based on the best practices, it is presented how the existing risk can be drastically reduced with minimal effort.

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Adaptive robustness monitoring

The testbed shows an architecture-driven method for the safeguarding of AI processes on the basis of domain knowledge. Considering a concrete scenario of an AI component for the object recognition, which generates inaccurate expenses through unexpected incidents in the operative surroundings (e.g. change in brightness). The testbed shall demonstrate how the safeguarding of AI processes can be provided through a priori knowledge about the domain and adaptive architecture-driven mechanisms, as reaction on unexpected incidents.

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The demonstrator QSelect with integrated 4Crypt Video, illustrates three steps of quality assurance. In the first step, components, here a painted bonnet, are checked for flaws and these are directly highlighted digitally on the workpiece. In the second step, the component is improved subsequently. The detected flaws are projected onto the component with extreme precision. As soon as a flaw has been corrected, this is digitally stored in the system, so that errors are continuously documented. The third component is the encrypted video documentation of critical steps, 4Crypt Video. This is, for example, used in order to document the control of a weld seam.

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Safe and secure human-robot collaboration

The demonstrator shows how fixed security zones, used for slowing down and stooping robots, can be replaced through a dynamic speed adjustment based on a continuous distance monitoring. An intelligent path planning enables robot movements that interfere as little as possible with the expected movements of humans. Furthermore, technologies for a secure manual guiding are presented.

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Adaptable production through flexible security concepts

By means of the demonstrator, it is shown how both flexible and economical production facilities in the human-robot collaboration environment are possible. For this purpose, new security technologies are used in the demonstrator, in order to safeguard the workplace of a person in the environment of stationary and mobile robots. Amongst others, it is demonstrated how a safe and secure, wireless communication and the secure localisation can be used to protect the fields of stationary robots.

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More information can be found at the following overview page https://cyberprotect-bw.de/open-lab-day/


Description of CyberProtect:

In order to strengthen SMEs in Baden-Württemberg, methods for the better safeguarding of complex software systems in all three fields of security (security, safety and privacy) are being developed and implemented in the project CyberProtect. With focus on the aspect of security, methods are being developed, in order to make the behaviour and decisions of complex software systems, like AI systems visible and thus enable statements to be made about the safety status.
Further information at https://cyberprotect-bw.de/

Description of RoboShield:

In the project RoboShield development processes and tools are being developed that support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Baden-Württemberg in the implementation of safe and secure modules, systems and applications in particular. Moreover, RoboShield offers training and information material on relevant norms. All three aspects of security are considered thereby, with a focus on the subfield of safety.

More information at https://www.roboshield-bw.de/


In the evening, there will be the opportunity to participate in the event Alice and Bob in Wonderland IT Security.

More information about this event can be found here. (Cost-free transfer from the FZI to the venue)


This is the notification of the event in the afternoon between 14:00 p.m. and 18:00 p.m. If you want to participate in the event in the morning, please register via this page: https://www.fzi.de/en/news/events/detail/artikel/2ter-open-lab-day-von-cyberprotect-und-roboshield/