ROS Training for Users – From Basics to Hands-On in 3 Days

Do you already use robots in your company and want to reuse developments as well as robots across applications? Would you also like to benefit from the latest developments of the robotics community in your industrial application? Would you like to know how you can use the potential of ROS-Industrial in your applications? Then the three-day ROS training offers you the perfect introduction.

During our three-day training, you will learn about the potential of ROS-Industrial for your applications. You will learn from our FZI robotics experts how you can reuse developments and robots across applications in your company. You will benefit from the latest developments of the robotics community for your industrial application.

More information

The three-day ROS training course from June 29 to July 1 offers you the perfect introduction to the world of ROS. The participation fee is 1950 Euro, >>registration is required.

The language of the training will be English and currently the following contents are scheduled:

Day 1:

  • History of ROS
  • ROS Ecosystem
  • Basic Functions of ROS
  • Hands-On Session Grasping

Day 2:

  • Coding Guidelines in ROS
  • Managing Complex / Big Projects
  • Introduction to Gazebo
  • Introduction and Usage of RQT and its Plugins
  • ROS-Control
  • Hands-On Session Robotic Manipulator equipped with a Gripper

Day 3:

  • External Tools in ROS
  • Control / Navigation for Mobile Platforms
  • Hands-On Session Mobile Platforms
  • What you can implement with ROS for example, you can see here in the video: