The Steering Committee of the de:hub Takes up Work

To strengthen the external presence of the location Karlsruhe as the hotspot for applied artificial intelligence – the steering committee of the Digital Hub Karlsruhe sees this as their duty together with members from economy, science and politics. They met for the first time under the coordination of the DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre, the joint initiative of the CyberForum e.V, and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology.

Stephan Müller, managing director of inovex GmbH; Antje Leminsky, chair of the board of directors of Grenke AG; Roman Melcher, manager dm/dmTech; Matthias Hornberger, chairman of the board of directors of the CyberForum e.V.; Jan Wiesenberger, executive director of the FZI; Jürgen Stumpp, manager of AMAI GmbH; Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz, first mayoress of the city of Karlsruhe; Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth (represented by Prof. Michael Decker), member of the executive board of KIT - Photo credits: CyberForum e.V.

Important milestone

The 3rd December 2019 was an important milestone for the Digital Hub Karlsruhe. For the first time, the members of the steering committee came together under the coordination of the DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre. On the agenda was, the definition of the orientation of the hub as well as how this could be regularly reviewed. With the dialogue between the actors, which originate from various fields like economy, science and the public sector, the cooperation shall be strengthened and the capacities and competencies of each individual shall thus be bundled at the location Karlsruhe.
All steering committee members already agree on one point: the external presence of the location Karlsruhe as a hotspot for applied artificial intelligence shall be further strengthened.

About de:hub

The Digital Hub Karlsruhe builds upon the region’s unique set of competences in the field of applied artificial intelligence (AI) and promotes the introduction of AI into the economy. The Digital Hub, awarded by the German Federal Government in 2017, focuses on four main topics:

Increase of the visibility and cooperation of AI experts from economy and science. Provision of an excellent ecosystem for AI start-ups. To enable SMEs and enterprises to incorporate AI solutions into their business models and provide practical learning tools and demonstrators for applied AI. The Digital Hub is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg since July 2019.