Award of the Felicitas Prize: The FZI Stands Up For the Promotion of Women in MINT Careers

On its 10th anniversary, the association Femtec.Alumnae awarded the Felicitas prize for the first time. Jury member and Executive Director of the FZI, Jan Wiesenberger awarded the prize to Christine Regitz in the category Role Model MINT Science.

Photo credits: FZI Research Center for Information Technology

Ten years after Femtec-Alumnae e.V. was founded, the association awarded the Felicitas prize on 1 September 2018 as part of its anniversary event. Twelve persons and institutions on four different categories were nominated for the award for the promotion of women in MINT careers. The FZI Research Center for Information Technology was part of the expert jury, which consisted of the Board of Executive Directors of Femtec.Alumnae e.V., representatives of Femtec GmbH, representatives of partner companies, respresentatives of the Europäische Akademie für Frauen in Wirtschaft und Politik (EAF), leading universities and top-class media partners. The council awarded four winners in the categories Role Model MINT Science, Empowering Person, Role Model Leadership and Empowering Organisation.

Jury member Jan Wiesenberger awarded the Felicitas prize to Christine Regitz, the winner of the category Role Model MINT Science: “To be a role model, who shows you own ways and possibilities – who stirs enthusiasm for technical challenges and also helps to be courageous, to train in professions and to work in professions which are often still dominated by men by far over 50%: this is an important task for a role model.

Christine Regitz is such a role model and also intensively seeks to win new role models”, explains the Executive Director of the FZI. Christine Regitz is Supervisory Director of the SAP SE and Vice President of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). Besides her, the Information Technologist and speaker of the Chaos Computer Clubs, Constanze Kurz and the Physicist and Information Technologist Stephanie Wehner, were nominated. Further winners were Dr. Phoebe Kebbel in the category Role Model Leadership, Dr. Helga Lukoschat in the category Empowering Person and Femtec GmbH in the category Empowering Organisation.