OpenInnovation@HoLL on the Topics of Energy and IT Security

The aim of the free event "OpenInnovation": Experience cooperative company culture, exchange ideas and network independent of applications and sectors with regard to the two main topics of energy and IT security

The four-day event "OpenInnovation@HoLL – Innovation through Cooperation" at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, which is free of charge, provides actors from economy, science and public institutions interested in innovations, with a platform to share own ideas and projects, to maximise innovation potentials and to network effectively.

In each case, two days are dedicated to every main topic, accompanied by a special exhibition with practical application scenarios from research.

  • October 16. and 17.: Topic of energy
  • November 6. and 7.: Topic of IT security

The opportunities and chances that lie in the digitalisation of products and services are huge. In order to remain competitive as a company, the innovation pressure increases and thus the requirements on the innovation management: more innovative, faster, cheaper and safer!

That's where "Innovation through Cooperation" comes into play, the motto of the event OpenInnovation@HoLL. Through the opening of the innovation processes to customers, suppliers, partners, start-ups and research institutions, companies gain fast access to creative potential, user-requirements, expert know-how and new technologies.

Besides the main topics of energy and IT security, OpenInnovation@HoLL focuses on the cooperative company culture. "Innovation through Cooperation" provides the opportunity to define customer requirements at an early stage, reduce uncertainties and risks in the innovation process as well as optimise the own performance. Create new potentials and competitive advantages through open cooperation and use the opportunity to think outside the box of your industry sector.

We are looking forward to the creative exchange with you.

The project OpenHoLL is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing.

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