What is the HoLL Open Innovation Community?

The HoLL Open Innovation Community provides actors from economy, science and public institutions interested in innovations a platform to share own ideas and projects, to maximise innovation potentials and to network effectively.

The aim is to ensure that many companies from various sectors register on the online platform. Application-oriented research institutes that are looking for project partners, can use the forum, in order to inform about their project without a great effort and to ideally establish one ore more new partnerships. Registered members from science and industry can place their ideas and requests and profit from the interdisciplinary as well as cross-sectoral exchange in the sense of open innovation:

Virtual HoLL

Small and medium-sized companies that want to inform themselves about the current state of research or are looking for a research partner, can visit the FZI House of Living Labs (HoLL) now even via web viewer: in order to participate on a virtual tour though the individual Living Labs, interact with the demonstrators and thus to experience the current state of applied research in a playful and vivid way.

On the HoLLOpen Innovation Community, you can do a virtual tour through the HoLL: https://innovation-community.fzi.de/index.php?webgl-applikation/


The project Open HoLL