Our Offer

As a research service provider we assist you in mastering your challenges. We work methodologically and professionally across all industries.

Working independently of individual manufacturers and suppliers, FZI researchers investigate markets, technologies and methods on your demand and develop prototypical solutions. Together, we create innovation that strengthens business and society for international competition.

Contract research and development

(in all areas of our research focuses)

  • Deployment and addition of R&D expertise for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Planning and conceptual design of joint projects at national and international levels
  • Development of innovative solution scenarios
  • Support in product development from design to prototype

Scientific analyses and consulting

  • Analysis of technologies and products
  • Market potential and product opportunities
  • Workflows, processes and structures
  • Product and service concepts
  • Feasibility studies Design and evaluation

Workshops and trainings

  • Introduction of new application systems
  • Workshops on state-of-the-art technologies
  • Current methods and tools