Statewide Support for Healthcare Companies in the Event of IT Security Attacks

The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is expanding its radius of action: Institutions from the fields of medical and healthcare as well as adjacent support sectors from all over Baden-Württemberg can now contact the free hotline in the event of an IT security incident.

The hotline of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg now offers healthcare companies state-wide support in the case of IT security attacks.

Karlsruhe, April 23, 2020. As of today, the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is expanding the pilot operation of its free hotline on the state of Baden-Württemberg for institutions, companies and service providers from the fields of medicine and healthcare. Hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, test laboratories, care facilities and mobile care services will benefit from the expanded service in particular: If they detect an IT security incident or observe unusual activities on their servers, they can contact the free hotline 0800-292379347 at all times. The incidents are recorded and analysed by an IT security expert. On this basis, possible reasonable steps for further action are clarified. The conversations will certainly be treated confidentially. Information or data will not be passed on to third parties, but can be shared with the investigating authorities at your own request. The Cyberwehr will arrange an IT security team if further support is required on site. Related costs will be discussed and determined in advance.

Initially, the plan for 2020 was to gradually expand the Cyberwehr services. With the short-term expansion of the radius of action for an initial period of three months, the consortium of the research project reacts to the increased potential risk from attacks on the IT infrastructure in the healthcare sector. "If providers from the fields of medicine and care fail due to an IT security incident in the current situation, people may no longer be supplied under certain circumstances," states the Project Manager of the Cyberwehr Dr. Dirk Achenbach from the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe. "The aim of the Cyberwehr experts is to quickly restore the systems and thus keep the company able to work". The potential risk has increased during the corona crisis, among other things, due to changes in daily working life: Communication increasingly takes place via digital channels and working from home often requires remote access to the IT infrastructure. Cybercriminals take advantage of this situation in order to access security-relevant data and install malware, like ransomware. The systems will possibly be released after the payment of the ransom.

"During the corona crisis, the cyber security of the healthcare sector is of particular importance. In the event of an attack, we use all possibilities for fast help", stated the Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Strobl. This is made possible by the professional support of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs and a quick release of funds by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance. "The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg will receive up to EUR 850,000specifically for three months. Since we made provisions in good financial years, we can now draw on the necessary reserves, react quickly and help healthcare institutions that have been particularly affected", emphasised Strobl.

The team of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg provides all companies, regardless of their sector, with five tips to protect their IT infrastructure against attacks or to be able to restore it quickly in the case of an emergency.   

  1. Regularly backup your data and keep the backups separate from your company network
  2. Do not click on unknown links in emails and check the destination addresses first
  3. Do not open attachments from unknown senders
  4. Observe the instructions on strong passwords by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  5. Only install software from reliable sources


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About the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg

The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is a pilot project that is unique in Germany: The Cyberwehr supports as a central contact point small and medium-sized companies in the event of an IT security incident. In the pilot phase, the offer is initially aimed at companies from the city and district of Karlsruhe, Rastatt and Baden-Baden. The Cyberwehr is already available to them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 0800-CYBERWEHR or 0800-292379347.In the long term, the Cyberwehr wants to support all companies in Baden-Württemberg in the event of IT security incidents and provide them with IT experts. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior, Digitisation and Migration funds the project as part of the digitalisation strategy “digital@bw”.

Further information can be found at: www.cyberwehr-bw.de

About the consortium

The project implemented by a consortium consisting of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre, CyberForum e.V. and Secorvo Security Consulting GmbH.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology manages the consortium and contributes its expertise in applied research on IT security to the project. The FZI team is the first contact point for companies seeking help, which can be contacted on weekdays via the hotline. In an expert discussion by phone, the FZI team carries out an incident diagnosis and makes recommendations for action, together with an expert from its security network. The DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre designs awareness raising measures as well as community meetings and implements them together with the other consortium partners.

The CyberForum e.V. implements the press and public relations measures for the pilot project in coordination with the FZI.

Security Consulting GmbH develops together with the FZI the conceptual structure and processes of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg. It also supports the FZI in the training and certification of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg’s partners.

Press contact

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