Smart Data at the Conference #INFORMATIK2018

On 26 and 27 September, representatives of the technology programme "Smart Data" will exchange views with experts from economy, science and politics on the topics of corporate digital responsibility and secure digital identities in the framework of INFORMATIK 2018 and will present the "Big Data, Smart Data, next?" volume, which contains various debate contributions.

Berlin, 19.09.2018 – Three stages, four subject areas in 15 sessions, 40 hours of programme with 85 speakers and more than 300 participants, plus more than 20 satellite events: This is the INFORMATIK 2018, the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). Under the motto "Zukunft der Arbeit – Zukunft der Informatik" (future of work – future of informatics), experts from economy, science and politics will meet there on 26 and 27 September in order to discuss urgent issues of digitalisation in workshops, lectures and discussion events. At the event at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin, questions about big data, smart data and innovations in data will also play a central role.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Jähnichen, director at the FZI Research Center for Information Technoloy and manager of the accompanying research project for "Smart Data – Data Innovation": "The technology programme 'Smart Data' of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is on the final stretch. However, two topics that we have dealt with as accompanying research will continue to accompany us: On the one hand, this is the question of the responsibility of companies in dealing with large data volumes and on the other hand, the question of how we can securely and decentrally design the identities of people, machines, products and other objects in a strongly digitally networked world. This is what we want to address in the framework of INFORMATIK 2018."

On 26 September (Stage GRACE), Sven Willrich, part of the accompanying research Smart Data, will discuss with Dr. Tobias Knobloch (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung), Dr. André Göbel (CapGemini), Guido Wagner (SAP SE), Daniel Büchle (AfB Social & Green IT) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schröder (University of Würzburg/ Charta digitale Vernetzung e.V. i.G.), among others, how companies can do justice to their responsibility in the digital world. The Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) provides a framework that orientates itself towards the already proven Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and focusses on the digital economies.

A further focus is on secure digital identities: Secure digital identities are essential for the identification of people, machines and objects and for the exchange of data with each other. With concepts such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart mobility and the Internet of Things, digital interactions across organisational and industry boundaries are taking on a completely new dimension. Prof. Dr. Stefan Jähnichen (FZI Research Center for Information Technology), manager of the accompanying research project "Smart Data", discusses together with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl (president of the Swiss Informatics Society/ Bern University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath (President of the GI/ Universität Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg (Committee of the GI/ Goethe University Frankfurt), Benjamin Helfritz (German Institute for Standardization) and Arno Fiedler (member of the Board of Executive Directors of the “Sichere Identität Berlin Brandenburg”) how such digital identities can be securely designed.

In the framework of INFORMATIK 2018, the volume containing various debate contributions "Big Data, Smart Data, next?" will also be published. In this volume, the smart data accompanying research has collected papers of 32 experts on the future of the big data and smart data research and the questions that will concern society and economy in this context. Further information on the technology programme can be found at http://www.smartdata.gi.de and about the INFORMATIK 2018 at http://www.informatik2018.de.

If you do not want to receive any further information on smart data, please send us an email at datenschutz@lhlk.de indicating the reference "Smart Data".

About Smart Data – Innovations in Data

With the technology programme "Smart Data – Innovations in Data", the BMWi funds altogether 16 lighthouse projects from 2014 until 2018 that are intended to develop the future market of big data technologies for the German industry. Smart data is part of the high-tech strategy and the digital agenda of the German Federal Government. Further information on the smart data technology programme can be found at www.smart-data-programm.de.

About the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

With around 20.000 personal and 250 corporate members, the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) is the largest and most important expert association for informatics in the German-speaking world and represents the interests of computer scientists in science, economy, public administration, society and politics since 1969. With 14 departments, over 30 active regional groups and a huge number of expert groups, the GI is the platform and mouthpiece for all disciplines in informatics. Further information can be found at www.gi.de.