Research, Evaluation and Development

There, researchers from FZI and partners can develop and test new applications until they are ready to launch on the market. The FZI House of Living Labs supports their applied research with the latest equipment and information and communication technologies as well as vehicles, devices and building technologies.

Real-life scenarios

An integrated research environment like the FZI House of Living Labs allows to test innovative solution approaches in real-life scenarios, thus supporting participatory research and development of experimental technologies.

Generation of ideas and innovation

This approach not only joins competencies from different disciplines but also creates new scenarios extending technical assistane systems with comfort and security aspects.

Therefore, FZI provides mainly small and medium enterprises with an opportunity to enter markets with innovative solutions to which they have had no access before.

The FZI House of Living Labs not only offers a platform to exchange and form ideas, but also develop, integrate, research and test.

FZI Living Labs

Furthermore, approximately 200 researchers from the fields of informatics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and economics disseminate their know-how and support our project partners methodically, pragmatically and with the latest findings from their field of research.

Together with you, we work on solutions for the living and working environment of the future. Benefit form the FZI House of Living Labs in your next research and development project, meet prospective employees and profit from technological head start.

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