Innovation through cooperation

At the heart of the IT region Karlsruhe, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology created the FZI House of Living Labs, a research environment on two floors and 2000 sq.m., where especially small and medium enterprises are welcome to do interdisciplinary research and development.

Innovation through Cooperation

In the middle of the IT region Karlsruhe, the FZI established an innovative research environment on two storeys with over 2.000 sq m, for small and medium-sized companies in particular, which is available across industries and fields of application for research and development: the FZI House of Living Labs.

Real-life scenarios

The integrated research environment makes it possible to test new and innovative solutions in the environment in which it is supposed to be used later. In the procedure referred to as real-life scenarios, we can use a participatory approach in order to do research and to develop experimental technologies at the FZI House of Living Labs.

Generation of ideas and innovation

Furthermore, through the proximity, the FZI House of Living Labs combines competences from various disciplines. Thus, innovations can be identified between these disciplines and new scenarios can be created. In these scenarios, for instance, technical assistance systems can be enhanced by comfort and safety aspects.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have the opportunity to reach markets with innovative solutions they could not reach yet. Therefore, the FZI House of Living Labs does not only provide a platform for the exchange and the generation of new ideas, but also for development, integration, investigation, and testing.