FZI Living Lab Automotive

Methods, Technologies and Equipment

In order to continuously test algorithms, we have design and verification software as well as hardware at our disposal at the FZI Living Lab Automotive. The lab is equipped with different simulation environments, from traffic simulation to driving dynamics simulation as well as a driving simulator with an integrated cockpit and a 240° panoramic projection. Here, new algorithms and hardware can be tested and evaluated securely as well as at an early stage in a virtual test drive.

On three test vehicles with different flexible and partially redundant sensor setups, the developed procedures are evaluated in practice after a successful test run in the simulation status.

Furthermore, electric vehicles are available at the FZI. These allow a complete access to the on-board energy management in order to forecast the available range and to improve energy-efficient driving.

Computer equipment in CoCar for the realization of autonomous driving  (Photograph: Markus Breig).
270° panorama projection with integrated cockpit and driving dynamics simulation.
A model for visualization of the algorithms and sensors for obstacle detection (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Visualization of obstacles detection in CoCar (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Autonomous driving with CoCar.