How do I know which vulnerabilities my software has? This demonstrator daily views a public CVE database of all found security vulnerabilities (‘Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures’) and generates a video thereof. The visualization indicates the importance of regular software updates for the safest state.


How do security vulnerabilities emerge in a smart home environment? Even one insecure interface constitutes a security threat for the whole system: The toy Furby is controlled by an app and thus can operate the language assistant which for example opens the door.


Where do hacker attacks come from and how do they proceed? The honeypot demonstrator displays live how attacks on IoT devices are undertaken every minute. In this way, the origin of the attacker as well as his login strategy become apparent.


What does misinformation effect in a traffic situation and how can it be identified? This simulation on autonomous driving shows how a false traffic jam notification causes certain cars to make a turn. Vehicles with an activated Misbehavior Detection continue their way straight ahead without disruption.


What can happen if you open an unfamiliar email attachment? The Phishing demonstrator allows you to experience how fast one can be afflicted by ransomware. Personal files as well as customer data will be encrypted, and a payment demanded.


How can I protect myself from a connected data storage device? The SHIELD Demonstrator scans all contents in order to find executable files and to block them as well as all appliances which are not data storage devices. Thus, a flash drive which claims to be a keyboard is prevented from causing trouble.


What should I do when my flash drive is possibly infected by a virus? The SmartWipe Demonstrator can perform a quick formatting of the potentially dangerous flash drive or immediately overwrite all data with zeroes to avoid any recovery of data.