FZI Living Lab smartAutomation

Technologies for future automation and production

In the FZI Living Lab, we research and develop intelligent, high performance automation systems for industrial applications.

The laboratory is an ideal platform for interdisciplinary collaboration on the development of new tools, applications and technologies for automation and production. In addition to that, the laboratory is an accredited Competence Center and Test Laboratory for the standardised communication technology PROFIBUS.

Our main research topics are:

  • The improvement of production and manufacturing through innovative automation architectures and field devices (e.g. intelligent sensors/actuators): Conventional solutions that are currently used in the production are compared to newly created solutions.
  • The usage of robots and systems for the control of production plants: For this purpose, we research and develop mobile robots and innovative control systems in the laboratory and in collaboration with the FZI Living Lab Service Robotics. In future, these systems will be able to partly automate tasks that are actually carried out manually.
  • An environment-friendly production: We research the use of resources in industry and an energy-efficient production in the laboratory.
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