FZI Living Lab smartAutomation

Methods, Technologies and Equipment

We offer our clients:

  • An ideal environment to evaluate and test scenarios for the measuring and optimisation of energy in manufacturing plants as well as for grid- and tariff-dependent load control
  • Cross-vendor equipment providing the necessary features for research and the use in projects
  • A wide range of technologies (CODESYS, Freelance, Fieldcare, PROFIBUS DP und PA, HART, virtual reality environments and PLM systems, SematicGuide, ETALIS, energy monitoring etc.) that are in use for the numerous and diverse research tasks
Devices of the PROFIBUS network (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Measuring instrument in the PROFIBUS network (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Introduction of the PROFIBUS plant by Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillenbrand.
Tank of the multitank plant (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Pump-system-component of the multitank plant.
A component of the multitank plant.
The whole multitank plant (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Part of the PROFIBUS network. The black lines visualize the connections (Photograph: Markus Breig).
Devices for measurement in the PROFIBUS network (Photograph: Markus Breig).
The links between the components of the PROFIBUS Network (Photograph: Markus Breig).