FZI Living Lab smartAutomation

Projects and partners of the FZI Living Lab smartAutomation

  • ReApp: The goal of the project is to provide reusable apps, extensive networking and flexibility in manufacturing that is needed today even with small production volumes and thus to make robot applications suitable for medium-sized companies.

  • EffektiV: The goal of the project is to make the development process of cyber-physical systems that link real objects with the virtual world more efficient. The current technological development of a highly interconnected and complex production is to be realised safely through virtual simulations.

  • EmbOSYST: In the project EmbOSYST we develop and research security mechanisms for the correct, confidential, safe and secure operation of embedded real time operating systems in an open internet environment.

  • RAN: The project RFID-Based Automotive Network (RAN) is aimed at improving the controlling of global production and logistics networks.

  • SkillPro: In the EU project SkillPro, we develop methods and systems to investigate and increase the adaptability of cyber-physical systems in partly automated production systems.

  • iCEP intelligent Complex Event Processing: Complex Event Processing is about the realisation and real time reactivity through prompt or even foresighted detection of potentially interesting complex situations that may require a specific reaction.

  • Dillinger Hütte: There are two main goals to be achieved in the cooperation project with Dillinger Hütte to optimise lift trucks in production warehouses for further processing: On the one hand, the goal is to reduce restacking moves and on the other hand to achieve optimal machine utilisation.

  • BASF: In 2013, the FZI and BASF initiated a perennial cooperation on the subject of supply chain risk management in process industry. The goal is to enable mathematical quantification of planning processes used in companies.