Research topics at the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy

We do research at the interface between computer science and energy:

  • Intelligent cross-linkage of various components in one building through information and communication technologies with the aim to efficiently manage energy
  • Collection and aggregation of information on the current demand for electric and thermal energy in the building, information on the availability of renewable energies in the grid, on the decentralised provisioning as well as on time and load dependent tariffs for the efficient control of energy flows
  • Design and development of energy management systems for the control of the building infrastructure that is able to react to various signals or conditions without significant impairment to the user; this makes it possible to adjust energy demand and supply through intelligent measuring and control mechanisms to the situation in the grid
  • Standardisation of device and grid interfaces, development of technologies for the automation of the load management, derivation of efficient optimisation methods as well as conception and realisation of adequate user interaction interfaces

The increasing equipment of modern buildings with decentralised energy supply units and the increasingly interconnected infrastructure of modern buildings form a good basis for our research work.

The solar panels on the roof of the FZI House of Living Labs.
Mr. Becker presents Mr. Oettinger, the EU-commisionar for energy, the energy management panel, he developed.
The user has interactive access to the energy management of the whole building by the energy management panel.
The thermal power station in the celluar of the FZI House of Living Labs.
The energy flows in the FZI House of Living Labs.
In the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy different views onto the energy management in the FZI House of Living Labs are given.