Projects and partners of the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy

In the LL smartEnergy, we work or have worked on the practical implementation of intelligent energy management systems in e.g. the following selected projects:

  • beegy: We supported the flexibility aggregator beegy in developing, extending and practically evaluating an energy management gateway which makes electrical flexibility in buildings accessible.
  • C/sells: As part of the BMWi-funded project, we are working on the aggregated utilization of different flexible devices within the FZI House of Living Labs in form of interfaces offered via Smart Meter Gateways.
  • E.G.O.: For the white goods control element supplier E.G.O., we investigated protocols and possibilities for the native integration of modern household appliances into building energy management systems.
  • grid-control: In context of the BMWi-funded project, we developed an energy management system together with project partners, which was used within a field test to control battery storage systems based on both grid and market side incentives.
  • HoLL-Therm: As part of a strategic project, we are developing an MQTT-based energy data and control platform with a special focus on thermal energy flows.
  • Living Lab Walldorf: In context of the BMWi-funded project, we developed concepts and algorithms for controlling energy flows in energy communities, and evaluated them together with project partners within a field test with residents in Walldorf.

A more comprehensive list of projects and partners can be found on our page about the research sector energy via the “projects” tab.