Innovative Living Environments for Safe and Convenient Living

The FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL is a research infrastructure. The lab, a two-room apartment, is equipped with numerous sensors, actuators, gateways as well as household appliances of different manufacturers. The lab serves as an environment for the development and the evaluation of technologies and application scenarios for more comfort and safety in the home environment.

Our research work focuses on:

  • Supporting people in their homes with technology providing additional functions for smart home and AAL services through data networking and remote control
  • Boosting the efficiency of the energy consumption as well as the communication of the components with each other by the employment of smart-metering technologies as well as wired and wireless bus systems (e.g. KNX, ZigBee, EnOcean etc.)
  • Improving the situations of caregivers, home emergency service providers and telemedical service centres
Caregivers can use a complete working area and prototypes can be integrated in this area for evaluation.
A display, integrated in the mirror in the bathroom, can display important information.
A complete kitchen, including different devices connected with each other, can be used in the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL
A complete bedroom, including a special bed for a patient, can be used in the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL.
All devices in the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL are connected with each other based on different technologies.
A display at the front door of the apartment displays information about the acutal house status. Different functions can be controlled by interaction with the panel (Photograph: Markus Breig)
Behind the front door in the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL is the wardrobe located (Phototgraph: Markus Breig)