Methods, Technologies and Equipment

Currently, the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL is equipped with approx. 30 different, completely interconnected technologies, e.g. portable and ambient sensors, home networks, household electronics, interaction technologies and middleware. Some of these technologies are already available for commercial application while others are prototypes from industry and research. Several technologies have already been applied within field studies in over 100 households.

The whole apartment can be controlled by a central panel at the front door.
Bed and working room in the FZI Living Lab smarHome/AAL and the Service Robot HoLLiE
Software, for making the living of older People in their homes easier by running on the TV and being controlled with the remote.
The kitchen of the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL
With a display, integrated in the mirror in the bathroom, information can be displayed.
Sensors at the door of the refrigerator allow a protocol of the eating habits of an older person.