Research topics at the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL

  • Use of innovative sensor technologies to detect emergency cases, for example a tumbling or motionless person
  • Increase in comfort and security by means of intelligent home automation, e.g. turning off electrical devices when leaving the house
  • Activity monitoring to analyse user behaviour, e.g. identifying movement patterns and sleeping quality
  • Cross-linkage of technical systems from different manufacturers, e.g. the cross-linkage of hobs and contact sensors at the door with a mobile phone activating an alarm in case the hob has not been switched off when leaving the house
  • Energy management that makes it possible, for instance, to register each alteration of current energy consumption in order to find out which household appliances have caused it
  • Research of flexible infrastructure systems and tools for craftsmen and technology providers, e.g. to support the equipment and maintenance of intelligent housing
  • Care and case management tools, e.g. for stroke aftercare, care consulting etc.

The FZI is certified by the KNX Association as a test laboratory for the communication standard KNX according to ISO 17025 and offers interworking and functional tests according to the KNX manual.

With the installed sensor floor, a fallen person can be recognised.
With the installed middleware all devices in the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL can be queried. The different states can be visualized at a central point.
The rooms look completly equal to a normal bed room.
By the energy Management panel the different devices can be also controlled.
The Strokemanager-Equipment makes caregiving at home easier.
The house can be visualized on different devices
Different medicine technology prototypes are shown in the Lab.