Projects and Partners of the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL:

  • SeCoServ2: The aim of SeCoServ2 is to develop a secure and reliable communication and information platform for dynamic application scenarios in the security sector on the basis of heterogeneous (ad hoc) communication architectures and mobile information devices. That way, for example, local workflows like the patient profiling and monitoring in cases of mass causalities and the localisation can be organised via this platform.
  • Wegweiser Alter und Technik: The Project "Wegweiser Alter und Technik" (a guide for elderly persons that provides a national database for technical aids and an information platform for easy access to the collected knowledge) has the goal to systematically collect innovative technologies and technology based services in nursing and to spread the knowledge by using specific transfer activities in Baden-Württemberg. To achieve this goal, a web based information platform and a mobile exhibition are developed.
  • KlimaJack: The project KlimaJack researches on innovative microtechnological conditioning methods on the basis of a body function monitor integrated into textiles.
  • DekomTex: In the project DekomTex, a special monitoring system was developed that also captures besides an ECG further parameters such as movement information. By integrating it in a chest belt, a mobile long-term monitoring of cardiac insufficiency patients is possible.
  • Stroke Angel: Stroke Angel is a communication system for the mobile transmission of data from the ambulance to the hospital.
  • Schlafapnoe-Screening (sleep apnoea screening): At the FZI, a sleep apnoea screening system was developed, which enables a simple pre-diagnosis. The medical diagnosis only takes places if necessary, in a specialised sleep laboratory.