FZI Living Lab smartMobility

Services, integration concepts and systems for the mobility for the future

At the FZI Living Lab smartMobility, we research new forms of mobility. Future mobility will be more interconnected and intermodal. New concepts and forms of mobility for people, vehicles and transport systems are supposed to make the transportation of people and goods more economic and environmentally compatible and to establish a smart connection between the capacities and all transport modes.

We do research on the following topics:

  • Sustainable mobility: new vehicles and efficient drive systems as well as mobility concepts and services aiming at a simple, consistent and intelligent provision of mobility on the one hand, and support through mobile systems on the other hand
  • The integration and interconnection of various means of transportation, especially with respect to the integration of future electric mobility concepts
The FZI electric vehicle with access to the onboard energy management
The analysis of routes allows the calculation of the most energy efficient route for different types of drivers.
The City Pod
Segways with obstacle detection and autonomous driving functions are part of the equipment of the FZI Living Lab smartMobility.

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