FZI Living Lab smartMobility

Research topics at the FZI Living Lab smartMobility

In the FZI Living Lab smartMobility, we focus on the following topics:

  • Research, testing and demonstration of novel mobility solutions in order to provide seamless support in everyday life and sustainable mobility
  • Design of the electric vehicle of the future by using intelligent IT in order to keep pace with the convenience and range of cars with an internal combustion engine
  • Research on future mobility systems that accompany or transport people as a personal navigation aid from door to door
  • Research on intelligent load strategies in order to charge considering the state of the grid and the state of charge of electric vehicles with respect to the grid and resources
The FZI electric vehicle with access to the onboard energy management
The analysis of routes allows the calculation of the most energy efficient route for different types of drivers.
The City Pod
Segways with obstacle detection and autonomous driving functions are part of the equipment of the FZI Living Lab smartMobility.