FZI Living Lab smartMobility

Methods, technologies and equipment

Our equipment includes an especially redesigned electric vehicle for research on next generation cars. It is equipped with innovative drive components, a comprehensive, fully accessible energy management of integrated energy flows and it provides new driving, operating and recuperation strategies.

Furthermore, we have various platforms, e.g. small and flexible vehicles. With these vehicles, we do our research work on electric mobility at close range for personal mobility assistance. Thus, it is possible to realise consistent mobility chains from the outside into buildings. For this purpose, we have the car “CityPod” at our disposal. The single-seated vehicle is both able to transport people and to provide autonomous mobility if needed.

We also have technologies for the cross-linkage and energetic integration of the vehicles into an integrated smartEnergy concept at our disposal.

The FZI electric vehicle with access to the onboard energy management
The analysis of routes allows the calculation of the most energy efficient route for different types of drivers.
The City Pod
Segways with obstacle detection and autonomous driving functions are part of the equipment of the FZI Living Lab smartMobility.